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painting and drawing

Sorrow  2023   
Pencil on Paper  22x30 cm

Portraits and Landscapes

Human and nature I paint or draw as realistic as possible, without changing their character, because this always fascinates me most.

The balanced, traditional doses of oil paint and the brush strokes are my tools that graphically connect the subject and the surrounding area without stitching, so that finally the picture begins to breathe.


Porträt und Landschaft

Ich male und zeichne Menschen und die Natur möglichst realistisch, ohne ihren angeborenen Charakter zu verändern, da dies mich immer wieder fasziniert.

Die ausgeglichene, klassische Dosierung der Ölfarbe und Pinselstriche sind meine Werkzeuge, die zeichnerisch das Thema und die Umgebung ohne Naht verbinden, um das Bild schließlich zum Atmen zu bringen.

人 と 自然





Biography and Awards

1959         born in Tokyo, Japan

1979-83    studied at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts

1983-84 / 86-87 studied at Master's course in Class Ichiro Sato for Technique and Material

  at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts

1983       1st Prize for graduation work / purchased by the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts

1984-91   studied at the State Art Academy Düsseldorf in Class Konrad Klapheck and Class A.R. Penck

1984-86   DAAD Scholarship

1987       Award Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation

1989       Master student of Prof. Konrad Klapheck

2000       purchased by NRW Representation Office of  EU, Brussels

2001       purchased by Hückelhoven City

2003       1st Prize (Prix du Jury), Salon du Printemps 2003 Luxembourg

2004       purchased  by Borussia Mönchengladbach (Portrait "Stefan Effenberg")

2011      "21 Letters from c/o mg" Project Action for Japan, Rikuzen-takata

2015       Art in the Municipal Office Mönchengladbach  

2019       "Koshi Takagi-Prezence" Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art Ito Japan

2020       "Portrait of Hans Wilhelm Reiners" Mayor of Mönchengladbach (2014-2020) for the townhall  gallery at present  


2011    “The smiles of families in one picture” NHK

2019    "Sundays Museum Art Scene", NHK

living in Mönchengladbach, Germany


1959 年、東京に生まれる。


DAAD ドイツ学術交流会、奨学金留学生としてドイツに留学 


デュッセルドルフ芸術アカデミー、クラペック / A.R.ペンク教室在籍 





EU ノルトラインウェストファーレン州代表会館 ブリュッセル、作品買上げ 

サロン・ド・プランタン 2003、大賞、ルクセンブルグ 

シュテファン・エッフェンベルク公式引退試合で記念肖像画贈呈、ボルシアスタジアム・メンヒェング ラードバッハ 

「絵のある手紙21 枚」東日本大震災支援プロジェクト、陸前高田市、三陸町越喜来

「芸術のある市庁舎」メンヒェング ラードバッハ市庁舎